If you live in San Diego, you know warmer months are coming. During this time of the year, we tend to run our cooling system longer to keep us fresher and more comfortable in our homes, especially if you live more inland. But the freshness and comfort come at a high cost. You will notice it when you get your utility bill.  There is a better solution this summer and for the next decade even.

Windows are probably the reason why your home is so hot during the summer heat. Older windows only have one pane allowing unwanted heat inside of our homes. If your home does get hot during the summer, this is probably why. To find out call the window experts. Clear Concepts Window & Door has been serving San Diego since 1989 and is ready to assist you.

The best solution to beat summer heat, if your windows are old and have a one pane system, is to replace your windows. Clear Concepts Window and Door are experienced contractors that handle the best materials. Replacing your current windows with double pane vinyl windows is the answer. Quality window products used by Clear Concepts Window and Door are designed with dual pane to keep the heat out of your home during the hot summer. When you keep unwanted heat out of your home, the need to run your cooling system decreases and so does your utility bill.

Not only will your summer be cooler but your home will increase its value, and you will save money on utility bills. Quality window products used by Clear Concepts Window and Door are also made to last and have added security features that will keep your home and family safe.

Enjoy the longer days in sunny San Diego from the comfort of your cool and safe home.

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