Should I Still Get Window Replacements During the Coronavirus?

Some of you may have had exciting home improvement plans lined up and ready to go that came to a screeching halt. With the Coronavirus news, it's difficult to decide if getting window replacements during the Coronavirus outbreak is a safe decision.

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What Affects Heat Loss/Gain through Windows

You might be thinking what affects heat loss/gain through windows? Well, there are three principal factors that affect heat loss/gain through the windows in your home. Each factor is sensitive to different aspects of window design and specifications and contributes differently to a home’s overall energy use depending on the climate in which the house is located.

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Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows

You might be debating should I? Should I not? Well, the answer is yes. Here are some reasons to upgrade your windows! Homeowners upgrade windows for a variety of reasons. Some are motivated strictly by energy cost savings, while others want to improve the comfort of a drafty house or reduce their carbon footprint by decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their home’s energy consumption.

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How Much Replacement Vinyl Windows Really Cost

How Much Replacement Vinyl Windows Really Cost  If you’ve ever considered getting replacement vinyl windows for your San Diego home, you know how expensive they can be. Why are replacement windows so expensive? Are there ways to save money without sacrificing quality? Keep reading to find out. There are three main factors that influence how much [...]

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Replace Your Windows before the Holidays

At Clear Concepts Window and Door, we’ve been in the San Diego window replacement business since 1989. Based on our decades of experience, here are a few reasons you may want to consider installing new windows before the holidays. Replace Your Windows before the Holidays. More Comfortable Interior Even though San Diego is blessed [...]

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Leaded Glass Entry Doors with Sidelights

When renovating your home, the entry door is a choice that is not to be taken lightly. It is the first impression to your guest, neighbors, and strangers driving by. An entry door needs to fit your style and bring all the benefits you desire. When shopping around consider leaded glass entry doors with [...]

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Are Vinyl Clad Wood Windows Right for You?

What Are Vinyl Clad Wood Windows? Vinyl clad wood windows, as its name suggests, is composed of both vinyl and wood. The base of the window frame is manufactured with wood and then vinyl is wrapped around the exterior of the window. The interior, which is wood, can be painted or stained to match [...]

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Folding Door technology exclusively from Win-Dor

Most of the folding door manufacturers tend to solely use aluminum, wood, or vinyl when assembling their door systems. Win-Dor, unlike these other companies, has combined the best of both aluminum and vinyl to deliver our customers something unique. Why combine both materials? To answer that question lest explore the cons and pros of [...]

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Is your home hotter during the summer? Your windows are most likely to blame.

If you live in San Diego, you know warmer months are coming. During this time of the year, we tend to run our cooling system longer to keep us fresher and more comfortable in our homes, especially if you live more inland. But the freshness and comfort come at a high cost. You will [...]

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