Windows and doors have a significant impact on the way you live in your home. Not only do they affect the look of your home, but where they are placed, the style and glazing you choose will also affect the comfort of you and your family. If you are about to purchase windows and doors, there are a number of things to consider.


Think about what type of window will suit the design of your home. Large fixed windows work well around stairwells and other dark areas to create beautiful wells of light. If you have a grand design in mind, why not choose a complete façade or range of custom shape windows to create an architectural statement Single and double hung windows are a timeless classic allowing the ultimate in ventilation while awning and casement windows are great for keeping the weather out while still letting the breeze in. And frameless double-hung windows can act as both a window and a pool balustrading. If you don’t have a lot of space, a sliding window can unobtrusively provide ventilation and light in any room of your home. Hinged doors are similar to your standard exterior or entry door. They are full view glass panels and often hang in pairs. French doors are hinged at the side jambs so the door panels meet when closed. When you open them up, the entire area between the hinges is clear.


A folding patio door system can open a wide area to the great outdoors. Each section slides on an overheard track and neatly folds away for full access. Stacking doors save on space while allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views. To provide an even wider opening, the stacking door system allows two doors to slide across to stack on a third door.


The choice of window and door types available to you can seem endless, however the choice of materials is simpler and comes down to what factors are most important to you. Aluminum is lightweight, strong and cost effective. It’s also corrosion resistant and performs well in most climates. Aluminum can’t be painted, but it comes in a large range of powder-coated colors and anodized finishes to fit into the style of your home. Cedar is a sustainably grown wood from North America. It’s a great insulator and provides improved energy performance compared to aluminum. The rich warm tones of cedar are a stunning addition to your home.

Wood is not just for traditional homes, the design flexibility of wood adds value to any modern home. You can stain or paint wood, meaning you can change the color palette of your home easily.

Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free. With vinyl windows you get exceptional energy and noise performance with no exterior painting required ever.

You also need to consider how the windows and doors blend with the overall style of your home.


When considering energy efficiency, the frame type of your windows and doors is as important as the type of glass you use and there are many different types of glass for you to consider, all with different advantages.

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