Most of the folding door manufacturers tend to solely use aluminum, wood, or vinyl when assembling their door systems. Win-Dor, unlike these other companies, has combined the best of both aluminum and vinyl to deliver our customers something unique.

Why combine both materials?

To answer that question lest explore the cons and pros of all aluminum folding door systems.

Let’s start by listing how great aluminum is for bi-fold door systems. This material is durable and sturdy. This makes it ideal for bi-folding systems. It sounds great, doesn’t it, but there are issues that come up with this material in time. Just like older window models made out of aluminum, with weather and time, it will deteriorate with rust, and it will fall apart. Aluminum is specially not ideal when you are looking for energy efficiency. This material absorbs energy easily. It means that on sunny days the sun’s energy will be transported right into your home.  Most of the time causing homeowners to bump up the AC.

Lets continue to break down the pros and cons, this time with vinyl, which is also a great material for bi-fold door systems. As an advantage over aluminum, vinyl will never fall apart or deteriorate. It will not rust. Sounds great, right? And did I mention that vinyl bi-fold doors require very little maintenance? It does not end here just like vinyl windows, vinyl bi-folds can be incredibly energy efficient.

Unfortunately, like aluminum, vinyl also has its setbacks. Comparing vinyl bi-fold door system to aluminum, it is not as strong and sturdy. Since it is not as sturdy, the opening is limited and not as big as you would get with an aluminum bi-fold door, not ideal for larger homes or commercial installations.

The innovative solution

Clear Concepts Window and Door wanted to bring you the best possible solution without compromising safety, energy efficiency, durability, and maintenance. We have found that solution with the Wind-Dor folding door and window systems.

Let me elaborate on that title, Win-Dor makes innovative, long lasting, and low-maintenance folding door systems that stand out among the highest quality bi-fold doors in America.

What makes Win-Dor bi-fold so special?

Well, they have come up with a unique blend of durable and sturdy aluminum framing with a long-lasting, low maintenance vinyl capping. An ideal blend, not available from any other manufacturers and the one that has been thermally improved.

All of these features add up to a door that customers love. Innovative, Durable and Low Maintenance.

Are you ready to install your new bi-fold door by Win-Dor?

Contact Clear Concepts Window and Door to get a quote now. We are the only contractor that handles Win-Dor bi-fold door systems.